Hard Cider Recipes

Learn how to make hard cider with these great cider recipes!

From store bought juice to orchard fresh cider or flavored hard cider recipes, anything I’ve tried and found worth doing again can be found here.

All of the hard cider recipes are one to five gallons and geared to a home cider making scale although they can be a good start for much larger batches. If there is anything you would like me to try, just let me know!

When making cider, there are endless ways to change things up make a new and exciting drink. Simply changing the yeast, adding fruit or berries or maybe hops can take a tried and true base recipe and make it into your new favorite!

Two things that I have found to be most important when fermenting apple cider is to use the best apple juice, and other ingredients, possible and to ferment near the lower temperature limit for the strain of yeast. Nutrients should also be considered, but as I have found from experiments, its not always a must. 

These two factors will have a huge impact on the overall quality and flavor and should not be overlooked even though it may take longer before you get to crack a cold one.


Citra Hopped Cider Recipe

After talking about how much I enjoyed my first batch of hopped cider using Cascade hops, several readers suggested that I give a Citra hopped

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Three baskets of fresh red cherries

Cherry Hard Cider Recipe

Cherry is a popular choice for flavoring hard cider because cherry juice will complement the apple whether it is sweet or tart. I have found

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