Homemade Hard Cider Recipes

Learn how to make hard cider with these great cider recipes!

From store bought juice to orchard fresh cider or flavored hard cider recipes, anything I’ve tried and found worth doing again can be found here.

All of the hard cider recipes are one to five gallons and geared to a home cider making scale although they can be a good start for much larger batches. If there is anything you would like me to try, just let me know!

When making cider, there are endless ways to change things up make a new and exciting drink. Simply changing the yeast, adding fruit or berries or maybe hops can take a tried and true base recipe and make it into your new favorite!

Two things that I have found to be most important when fermenting apple cider is to use the best apple juice, and other ingredients, possible and to ferment near the lower temperature limit for the strain of yeast. Nutrients should also be concidered, but as I have found from experiments, its not always a must.

These two factors will have a huge impact on the overall quality and flavor and should not be overlooked even though it may take longer before you get to crack a cold one.


Citra Hopped Cider Recipe

After talking about how much I enjoyed my first batch of hopped cider using Cascade hops, several readers suggested that I give a Citra hopped cider a shot.  Not knowing a lot about hops, or having much experience brewing with them, I figured it would either be the...

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How to Make Peach Hard Cider

Apples and peaches taste great together in many drinks and desserts so it would only make sense to blend them for a hard cider! If you are looking for a way to use your extra peaches or just want to try a new hard cider recipe, try making hard peach cider! This recipe...

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Aging Hard Cider with Oak Chips, Cubes or Spirals

During my last trip overseas, I came across Henry Weston Vintage Oak Aged Cider while I was browsing ciders in Tallinn, Estonia. The Weston Cider was great, even at 8%+ ABV, the cider was smooth and the tannic properties along with hints of vanilla that the oak added...

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Homemade Pineapple Hard Cider Recipe

I have seen a few people posting online about their attempts at a pineapple hard cider recipe and it sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a shot. I am a big fan of pineapple (especially on pizza) and obviously love apples but I was a little skeptical on...

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Homemade Berry Hard Cider Recipe

If you are looking to add a twist of flavor to your next homemade cider, adding berries to make a berry apple cider might just the thing you are looking for. Berries are packed with flavor that will complement the apple yet are low in sugar so they won't boost the ABV...

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Dry Hopped Cider Recipe 5 Gallon Batch

The idea for a hopped cider recipe came to me after switching my tap from a pale ale to a fresh hard cider. When I switched the tap, I didn't bother to flush the line and I ended up with a mix that was surprisingly delicious. So, I decided it was time to change things...

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Apple Cyser Mead Recipe – 1 Gallon

A Cyser is a blend between an apple cider and a mead. Fermenting the fruit and honey combination is also referred to a Melomel but the apple and honey base has earned its own name. Cider is traditionally apple juice and a mead is only honey and water, also known as a...

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Keto Friendly Low Carb Hard Cider Recipe

Let's face it, even when making challenging lifestyle changes, we sometimes need a drink! Finding a keto friendly hard cider can be a challenge when searching the local beer store because they all seem to be packed with sugar. On average, a commercial hard cider has...

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Ginger Apple Hard Cider Recipe

I have always loved homemade ginger beer so I when I began making cider I knew I had to try a ginger apple cider recipe. My favorite part is how the fresh ginger creates a fiery flavor that I can’t get from a commercial beverage. Making this alcoholic ginger apple...

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Hard Cider from Store Bought Juice Recipe

Making hard cider with store bought commercial apple juice is probably one of the easiest ways to make a cider and perhaps alcohol in general. At least a decent tasting one… Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to apple orchards where the freshest cider can be...

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Dry English Cider Recipe

This hard cider recipe is an attempt to recreate a Dry English Cider and was originally posted on HomeBrewTalk. Traditional English ciders made in the south west of England were typically made with a blend of bittersweet and bittersharp apples that naturally contain...

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