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Yeast Energizer & Nutrient: A Cider Experiment

I have received many questions about yeast nutrient since I wrote a post about it and I didn't have a solid way of backing up my belief that it helps produce better cider. So, I decided to run an experiment, one that can be replicated by other home cider makers.  The...

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Citra Hopped Cider Recipe

After talking about how much I enjoyed my first batch of hopped cider using Cascade hops, several readers suggested that I give a Citra hopped cider a shot.  Not knowing a lot about hops, or having much experience brewing with them, I figured it would either be the...

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Adjusting Hard Cider Acidity (TA) & pH with Malic Acid

Have you ever made a cider that tasted flat and watery that made you feel like you wasted a bunch of time waiting for your cider to mature? Or, maybe the cider is too acidic? I know I have and I tried to correct it by adding sugar or apple juice concentrate but just...

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How to Make Peach Hard Cider

Apples and peaches taste great together in many drinks and desserts so it would only make sense to blend them for a hard cider! If you are looking for a way to use your extra peaches or just want to try a new hard cider recipe, try making hard peach cider! This recipe...

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Why Does My Cider Smell Like Sulfur?

Whether you are new to making cider or have many batches under your belt, you have probably popped off the airlock of a  fermenter, went in for a sniff and were greeted with a nose full of sulfur. It's certainly disappointing. When yeast becomes stressed or is exposed...

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Non Fermentable Sugars and Sweeteners for Hard Cider

Non fermentable sugars and sweeteners are the solution to a big challenge for the home cider maker. The problem is how to make a sweet cider that naturally carbonates in the bottle without overpressurizing the bottles. If you follow r/cider, you have probably seen the...

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How to Stop Cider Fermentation for Sweet Hard Cider

A common question I get from new cider maker's about making sweet or semi-sweet cider is “how do I stop fermentation of my cider?” This question is generally asked for two reasons. The first is to stop active fermentation early to keep a cider sweet before it ferments...

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Aging Hard Cider with Oak Chips, Cubes or Spirals

During my last trip overseas, I came across Henry Weston Vintage Oak Aged Cider while I was browsing ciders in Tallinn, Estonia. The Weston Cider was great, even at 8%+ ABV, the cider was smooth and the tannic properties along with hints of vanilla that the oak added...

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Best Yeast for Making Hard Cider

Often people ask "what is the best cider yeast for making hard cider?" and that is tough to answer. It all comes down to style and preference because different varieties can change the process, taste and even visual appearance of hard cider. Commercial yeast...

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Homemade Berry Hard Cider Recipe

If you are looking to add a twist of flavor to your next homemade cider, adding berries to make a berry apple cider might just the thing you are looking for. Berries are packed with flavor that will complement the apple yet are low in sugar so they won't boost the ABV...

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