Cider Making Resources

Ingredients, Equipment and Other Cider Making Supplies: & offer a huge selection of home cider making supplies to fit any need. They have great prices, especially when buying yeasts, Campden tablets, and enzymes in smaller quantities.

Midwest Supplies was the first site I ever ordered homebrewing, winemaking and cidermaking supplies from. They have a fantastic selection including many kits that I used to get started in my early beer brewing days. Now they offer competitive shipping prices and discounts that compete with amazon prime. is my go to when I am looking for a specific product. Often times the shipping price for bigger items such as fermenters will be cheaper here rather than homebrew supply sites. Also, items that are not necessarily specific to cider making, such as digital scales, are usually cheaper and Amazon will have a much larger selection.


Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider, by Annie Proulx & Lew Nichols – 2003
A comprehensive read on sweet and hard cider making packed with good information from orchard to bottle. The authors cover the history of cider from many regions and explain several methods from old to new. Definitely worth a read and nice to keep around for a reference.

Other Reads:
Cider – Hard and Sweet, by Ben Watson – 2013
Craft Cider Making, by Andrew Lea –  2011

Forums for Discussion: -Great community of cider makers from beginners to pros. Ask questions, share knowledge and have a great conversation with hard cider enthusiasts. – A nice blog and forum that has a lot of information on cider making and cider recipes.

Cider Making Information:

Claude Jolicoeur’s website: Lots of cider making information from the Author of The New Cider Makers Handbook.

Event Listings: has a list of cider related events across the U.S. including their main event, CiderCon. lists many of the Cider and Perry events throughout the USA.

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