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Want to learn how to make home made hard apple cider?

Citra Hopped Cider Recipe

After talking about how much I enjoyed my first batch of hopped cider using Cascade hops, several readers suggested that I give a Citra hopped

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It all started with a sip

Home Cider Making began as a way for me to learn how to make hard cider and document the journey. This site is what I have learned along the way and is always expanding as I continue to try new recipes and techniques while collaborating with other cider addicts. Everyone is welcome to learn and share as they join the craft cider making adventure!

The Home Cider Making website is based around the main cider making guide that outlines the basics of fermenting sweet cider to make hard cider. You will also find tools and resources to help you along the way such as an ABV calculator and a priming sugar calculator.

Once you have mastered the basics of cider making, you can try flavorful recipes such as berry hard cider or a strong honey based Apple Cyser.

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