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Are you looking to learn how to make homemade hard apple cider? Home Cider Making began as a way for me to learn how to make hard cider and document the journey. This site is what I have learned along the way and is always expanding as I continue to try new recipes and techniques while collaborating with other cider addicts. Everyone is welcome to learn and share as they join the craft cider making adventure!

The Home Cider Making website is based around the main cider making guide that outlines the basics of fermenting sweet cider to make hard cider. You will also find tools and resources to help you along the way such as an ABV calculator and a priming sugar calculator.

Once you have mastered the basics of cider making, you can try flavorful recipes such as berry hard cider or a strong honey based Apple Cyser.

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Dry Hopped Cider Recipe 5 Gallon Batch

The idea for a hopped cider recipe came to me after switching my tap from a pale ale to a fresh hard cider. When I switched the tap, I didn't bother to flush the line and I ended up with a mix that was surprisingly delicious. So, I decided it was time to change things...

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How to Keg Hard Cider

Kegging and force carbonating hard cider has many benefits over traditional bottling and while it requires more equipment, kegging is totally worth it! Whether your cider has been bulk aged or is only a few weeks old, carbonating in the keg will allow for safe back...

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Apple Cyser Mead Recipe – 1 Gallon

A Cyser is a blend between an apple cider and a mead. Fermenting the fruit and honey combination is also referred to a Melomel but the apple and honey base has earned its own name. Cider is traditionally apple juice and a mead is only honey and water, also known as a...

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Keto Friendly Low Carb Hard Cider Recipe

Let's face it, even when making challenging lifestyle changes, we sometimes need a drink! Finding a keto friendly hard cider can be a challenge when searching the local beer store because they all seem to be packed with sugar. On average, a commercial hard cider has...

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Ginger Apple Hard Cider Recipe

I have always loved homemade ginger beer so I when I began making cider I knew I had to try a ginger apple cider recipe. My favorite part is how the fresh ginger creates a fiery flavor that I can’t get from a commercial beverage. Making this alcoholic ginger apple...

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Reuse S-04 Yeast for Fermenting Hard Cider

Don't wash that yeast down the drain just yet, there may be a lot of life left in those beauties! While commercial cultured yeasts are fairly cheap, why not get the most out of a pack and reuse the yeast? After racking a batch of cider into a secondary you will be...

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