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Are you looking to learn how to make homemade hard apple cider? Home Cider Making began as a way for me to learn how to make hard cider and document the journey. This site is what I have learned along the way and is always expanding as I continue to try new recipes and techniques while collaborating with other cider addicts. Everyone is welcome to learn and share as they join the craft cider making adventure!

The Home Cider Making website is based around the main cider making guide that outlines the basics of fermenting sweet cider to make hard cider. You will also find tools and resources to help you along the way such as an ABV calculator and a priming sugar calculator.

Once you have mastered the basics of cider making, you can try flavorful recipes such as berry hard cider or a strong honey based Apple Cyser.

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Krausen Formation on Cider

If you're new to cider making, there may come a time when you see a questionable foam layer on top of your cider and wonder if you messed up. Or maybe you have read about krausen and wonder why you have never had it form. While the development of krausen is not...

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Chaptalization Calculator for Adding Sugar to Cider

Chaptalization of cider is the process of adding additional sugars to the must, or original sweet cider, in order to raise the original gravity of the juice. This higher original gravity of the cider must will result in more viable fermentable sugars for the yeast to...

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How to Add Tannin to Homemade Cider

What Are Tannins? Tannin, or phenolics, are a naturally occurring compound that is found in apples, grapes, and some other fruits. These tannins are responsible for adding body to ciders by producing an astringent sensation on the tongue. An easier way to describe it...

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How to Force Carbonate Hard Cider Without a Keg

If you want to carbonate your cider using CO2 but do not have a kegging setup, then the Carbonator Cap is a simple solution. This simple device can carb up any beverage quickly with only a few pieces of equipment. The biggest benefits of using the carbonator cap...

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How to Make Hard Cider with Store Bought Apple Juice

Making hard cider with store bought commercial apple juice is probably one of the easiest ways to make a cider and perhaps alcohol in general. At least a decent tasting one… Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to apple orchards where the freshest cider can be...

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How to Use a Hydrometer for Cider Making

One piece of equipment that makes home cider making seem like a chemistry experiment is the hydrometer.  When fermenting cider, a hydrometer is used to measure the specific gravity, or sugar content, of the sweet cider before fermentation and alcoholic cider after...

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